Review: McDonalds McCafe Frappe

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with McDonalds (but I am a fan). I am writing this review for the benefit of the customers of McDonalds and am in no way being compensated for this review (although a million dollars from Monopoly would be nice)

Sometimes I think that Nowhere, KY has more fast food restaurants than we do people…and I tend to frequent the Mac Daddy (no pun intended) of them all, McDonalds.

McDonalds is located right on the main drag (and the only drag there is) and its mere minutes from the Nowhere News (well, everything in Nowhere is minutes from everything else but I digress…) My morning routine as of late has included a stop at McDonalds to say hello to the drive thru workers and grab a $1 tea…and if I’m feeling generous coffee for everyone in the office.

I’m not a huge fan of McDonalds McCafe drinks, I am a tea drinker and only drink coffee to fit in with the hip Starbuck’s crowd (including my grandmother). I have sampled all the McCafe drinks and was interested to find out that McDonalds has its own version of the Starbucks classic, the frappuccino.

The McCafe frappes (spelled with a cute little accent mark over the last e) come in three sizes, small, medium, and large (the small is $2.79 at the Nowhere McDonalds and about 8 ounces), and two flavors, Mocha and Caramel.

In order to be a good consumer I decided I had to sample these and write about them on my blog (I’m also learning how to write reviews) so I persuaded my mother to drive thru McDonalds with my sister and me, my sister would sample one flavor and I would sample the other. I ordered a medium Mocha and she ordered a small caramel.

The frappes come with whipped cream and caramel or chocolate sauce on top and they are THICK and CREAMY. I ate the whipped cream first and then after a taking a couple drinks decided I should have gone with the small. The mocha had an intense coffee flavor that the caramel didn’t have, and I think in the future I’ll definitely stick with a small caramel.

So, in conclusion the frappes are tasty and worth the money. Check out your local McDonalds for some delicious creamy goodness.


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