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Last Year I did not make New Year’s Resolutions.

This is because in many ways last year did not exist.

Last year was supposed to be the year I finally did it, the year I lost the weight, finally started to be happy with myself, got engaged, graduated college, and found my true calling.

Well, I got engaged and graduated from college.

This year I will be making New Year’s resolutions, and I will be making a plan B, because plan A (apart from my relationship with the man seems to be slowly crumbling around me.


What! A whole week off? What will I do with myself?

Its true, I have a week off.

next week, starting the 28th through the 1st. I have an entire week to myself…what will I do?

I think I’ll do everything I can think of…and then blog about it.

How does that sound?

You can call me boo hoo because everything makes me cry.


and I never cry usually.


I cry all the time now.

I just cried at someone’s post about how they finished a marathon…

(well, I guess thats normal to cry about…I’d cry if someone made me run a marathon, especially in the shape I’m in)

I cried at one of my clients talking about his deceased wife.

I cried when I came home and saw the dogs.

I cried when the man and I were just goofing off and cuddling on my bed.

I cried when I thought about how much I enjoy spending time with my mother.

…its getting out of control. Someone needs to adjust my medication or something.

Eat Pray Love, I devoured it, I prayed it would never end…and I LOVED IT!

So I’m a year behind the times and just now read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love. I finished the book last night before I went to sleep and all I can say is Wow.

This book is what books should be like.

Gilbert starts the book out in New York, having just experienced a divorce and a fling with a man whom I’m sure was just pleased to be included in the book. She’s on a search for spiritual meaning in her life following this divorce and a personal experience with God. This journey will take her to Italy, where she studies the Italian language, pasta, and art, to an ashram in India where she learns to live in silence and meditation, and finally to Bali where she studies with a spiritual teacher whom most of the village consider to have lost his mind years ago.

This book is a beautifully worded spiritual and philosophical masterpiece. Gilbert is an excellent storyteller who shares both her triumphs and her gaffes with the reader. By the end of the text I felt like I was right there with her in India, sitting in deep meditation in the ashram and running through the ashram gardens at night just because she was in India.

I can’t share too much about the book because I’m still in awe over it. Its a wonderful piece of non-fiction (I’m normally not a fan) and I’m so happy I picked it up. If you want your life to be not changed, but filled with inspiration because of a text…run to your nearest bookstore (or ask for my copy) and get your hands on Eat, Pray, Love.

From Now On…

My Name is Liz and I do Real Life

How exactly does one do real life you may be asking. Or you may not…but for the sake of argument you are.

I do real life, because my name is Liz and I strive to live as real a life as possible.
I write, I read, I listen to music, I trot (I used to be a runner but lost that…and you’ll find out why soon enough), I eat (oh boy do I ever), I drink tea, I have conversation, I party, I watch movies, I clean, I sell advertising, I laugh, I make people laugh…

I do real life.

I live a phenomenally exciting life (which is sometimes exciting in its phenomenal boredom) and I live from day to day, lately I live from minute to minute…but most importantly.

I live.

I do real life, won’t you join me?

Good Evening

I am the latest in a long string of Blogspot devotees turning to WordPress.

My reasons are few basically because

1. BeardedYeti did it
2. I could make my own header on WordPress
3. This format is so much nicer, I like it quite a bit more.
4. My life was too simple.

I could tell you more about myself, but I plan on importing my blogs from as soon as I get the chance,