My Name is Liz and I do Real Life

How exactly does one do real life you may be asking. Or you may not…but for the sake of argument you are.

I do real life, because my name is Liz and I strive to live as real a life as possible.
I write, I read, I listen to music, I trot (I used to be a runner but lost that…and you’ll find out why soon enough), I eat (oh boy do I ever), I drink tea, I have conversation, I party, I watch movies, I clean, I sell advertising, I laugh, I make people laugh…

I do real life.

I live a phenomenally exciting life (which is sometimes exciting in its phenomenal boredom) and I live from day to day, lately I live from minute to minute…but most importantly.

I live.

I do real life, won’t you join me?


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