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McFatty Monday…What? Its been four weeks already! Can’t be!

So it has been four weeks already!

and guess what…

I forgot to weigh myself this morning.

So I’ll be posting later tonight with the full McFatty goodness.


McFatty Monday, Round 3!

Today has many special meanings to a lot of people, it is special to me because its MCFATTY MONDAY!!

Last week was a week filled with working out, sweating, food poisoning, ramen relapses, and cheating and going to Dairy Queen with my mother when we should have been exercising. Oops. Basically, it was not my best week ever, but I did manage to get three workouts in (should be five) and I did manage to lose two pounds!


Nothing like seven, but two is good. I’ll take two.

I also signed up for a week trial on Weight Watchers Online. That stuff is amazing!! I played around with it for an hour last night and I can officially say I love it.

This brings us to the all important goals for next week:

I plan on exercising each day this work week, whether its thirty minutes of activity in the gym, a long walk, yoga, or a bike ride (the weather is perfect for it around where I live) I resolve not to let my large body hit the bed until I have done some form of exercise. My mother is dying to break in her new yoga mat and I’m dying to stretch out and feel great…win win situation, I think so.

Nutrition Goals
I need to eat the right foods, and I need to eat more of the right foods. I’ve planned out a week of meals (and only one of those meals includes starch) and I plan to stick to them. The man is taking me out to lunch today and that lunch will be a salad and I will attempt to make five healthy swaps each day. A healthy swap according to my plan looks like this:

baked potato with ranch and bacon bits — baked potato with 1 tsp. butter and 1tbsp sour cream.
oatmeal with peanut butter — oatmeal with granola.
chicken and dumplings — roast skinless chicken with green beans

These are not only lower in point value but also still taste great. I’m going to shoot for five. For tonight’s dinner instead of bbq pork chops I’ll be making pork steaks with an olive oil marinade to accomplish my ww healthy oil for the day.

Weight Loss Goal
I understand how important goal setting is to this process, so I’m setting a weight loss goal. I’d like to lose FOUR pounds this week and I think through my healthy swaps and exercise, as well as staying on plan with my weight watchers online I can see this happen.

Come on Fatties!! We still have a lot of work to do!!

side note: I brazenly publish my weight on the sidebar of my blog so that everyone can see how fat I am…not really. I do it to not only track my progress but also to remind me how far I’ve come…and that I never want to get back to 245 again. Whew.

Everyone have a great McFatty Monday and I’ll see you next week!!

McFatty Monday, Week Two

So I pushed the man aside and took the long walk to the bathroom scale at the other end of the house. Each step took more effort than the last and I found myself nearly pinned to the floor by trepidation and fear. What if I didn’t lose any weight? What will I post about today? What if that Sonic Milkshake and Smashing Tomato pizza (and a salad…) knocked me too far off track this week. What if my Couch to 5k Running program isn’t enough…

I wonder if thats really what I sound like to other people. Shoot, that could get annoying if its not just used for rhetorical effect.

Anyway, I breathed a heavy sigh (I heard one time that breathing heavily can help you lose weight…or was that controlling your breathing…I don’t know) and climbed on the scale.

This is what I saw: 238.0

Now this number is enough to make any woman burst in to tears but I focused instead on the more horrible number that plagued me earlier this week: 245.6, this is a welcome change.


This McFatty week hasn’t been all smiles and roses for me, however…weight loss is a struggle, a hilarious struggle at times, and a struggle filled with the buying of new sports bras, bouncing up and down on the treadmill, and enjoying quality time with mom while I exercise.

Healthy Changes this Week:

This week seems like its been both ridiculously long and ridiculously short at the same time. This could be because of the snow that has blanketed Nowhere, KY or it could be because I lead a boring life, who knows!

I started off last week by going to the gym with the man, and then my mother decided she wanted to tag along so we’ve become workout buddies. My mom walks on the treadmill and I run…badly.

I started the Couch to 5K Running program, which is a nine week program that allows fatties like myself to go from the couch to running a 5k. I’m not very good at it, but this is not the biggest loser (sadly) and no one expects me to be able to run a half marathon anytime soon (just a 5K in nine weeks). I so enjoy running, running was my comfort and my only love for a year and then we broke up, and I met the man who is good in his own way but doesn’t quite give me the rush running does. I’m back on the treadmill, and back to running and I feel so much better.

I’m also back on Weight Watchers, what a great diet! I’m not hungry all the time (I’m having slight issues with the 9:00 munchies but I plan to have that figured out as soon as I get back to the grocery. There is an abundance of healthy, good, filling food on the weight watchers plan and I find that I can make things and never get bored. These foods are also improving my mood, my concentration, and my confidence. This weight loss plan is definitely a winner.

So I just have to suffer through a few more hours of work here at the Nowhere News until I get to go home, have a nice dinner, and then hit the gym. I never thought I’d be so excited to go put myself through torment!

The Second Job

This economy has most people making a lot of changes to the way they live and work. Many of these changes are forced, many are voluntary…many people like me refuse to change at all save for a few things:

1. I am now the grocery Nazi. I have taken over Grocery buying every other week at the homestead and you can bet your life that we (The man and I) will be clipping coupons like its our job, and going to the Cheap-O grocery store to save money. However, I still need fruits and vegetables for my weight loss quest, which means the family will just have to eat more fruits and vegetables and deal with it. I’m so tough on the ones I love.

2. I have taken a second job as a freelance writer (or I took a second job as a freelance writer). This job has been incredibly gratifying so far and I’ve slowly begun to realize that my life must somehow include English. Freelance writing is the best because it not only validates the fact that I am a writer, but people actually want to pay me to write things for them? Wow! I’m just happy as a clam! (This freelance writing also will lead to Project Home Office 2010, I know you’re excited to see The Man and Me construct a home office out of the corner of my bedroom.)

3. I no longer go to McDonalds in the morning for breakfast, as part of my weight loss endeavor and also as part of my “OH MY WORD YOU ARE BLEEDING MONEY! STOP IT RIGHT NOW LIZ!” initiative.

4. I do not even look in the windows of Prissy Antiques (not the store’s real name but it should be) in Nowhere. You see, when the Lord was handing down obsessions he gave some girls shoes, some girls clothes, and gave Liz books, funky furniture, and all things Fossil. None of these things are healthy for my bank account so I super need to avoid them (although I did get a fossil purse for five dollars the other day on clearance…)

So thats how I’m cutting back…I also find myself huddled under several more blankets at night with more clothes on so I can turn the thermostat down while I sleep. How are you cutting back, I’m really interested to know. I’ve always considered myself to be a thrifty person, but these times are trying for us all.

Well, since I’m on the clock here at the Nowhere News I’d better get on the ball and start knocking out my to-do list.

Have a great day everyone!


Oh, so this is what I look like now.

For many years now I’ve struggled with an addiction. By nature I’m not really an addictive person, or I don’t have an addictive personality I should say. I enjoy my tea and an occasional Starbucks latte or frapp but beyond that I have really no bad habits to speak of involving such things as cigarettes, booze, pills, or other drugs…

Well, I have no bad habits except for SHOVING EVERYTHING I CAN SEE IN MY FACE!

(thats code word for eating, by the way, I’m not being dirty)

In the past year, I have gained 70 pounds due to my awful eating habits (if we were to enumerate my awful eating habits they would include going to Taco Bell late at night and ordering enough food to feed a stoner, buffets, pizza, cake, cookies, and generally eating two portions of everything). WAIT! WHAT DID I SEE UP THERE??? OH MY GOD! I HAVE GAINED SEVENTY POUNDS!!! THATS THE WEIGHT OF A CHILD!! I HAVE EATEN A SMALL CHILD!

Excuse me…okay…I’m breathing now…whew.



This is ridiculously embarassing.
Well, in the blog world you really can’t see me, which is fantastic…just picture a blob with legs, and a face that used to be smokin’ hot but now is covered under so many rolls of layers of gross that it just basically looks like a giant grapefruit…or don’t picture me at all and you won’t need therapy.

I could sit here and whine all day, but the truth is I have work to do to get this nasty blubber off me, so I will recuse myself from this pity party and return to the normal world…but not without a plan of action.

Plan of action:

This morning for breakfast I had an apple and will be enjoying some yogurt about 7:00 (Yeah, I know Dairy is the devil but we have to take baby steps here, do you think I sat down one day and gained seventy pounds? No! It involved a lifetime (or a year) of bad decision making).

This afternoon for lunch I have a green salad with balsamic dressing (delicious)

This evening for dinner the man is cooking (I wonder what he’ll cook) but I’m sure he’ll include lots of brown rice and veggies with his animal flesh that he is preparing for he and I and doesn’t even know about it.

I joined Weight Watchers two days ago and I’ll be spending thirty minutes on the elliptical at The Gym and thirty minutes doing strength training at The Gym, along with walks with the man and my mother in the evenings.

That’s my plan…whats yours? Join the rest of us here at McFatty Monday in dropping our weight, whether its from babies, broken hearts, or bad decisions one thing is for certain IT HAS TO COME OFF!