Oh, so this is what I look like now.

For many years now I’ve struggled with an addiction. By nature I’m not really an addictive person, or I don’t have an addictive personality I should say. I enjoy my tea and an occasional Starbucks latte or frapp but beyond that I have really no bad habits to speak of involving such things as cigarettes, booze, pills, or other drugs…

Well, I have no bad habits except for SHOVING EVERYTHING I CAN SEE IN MY FACE!

(thats code word for eating, by the way, I’m not being dirty)

In the past year, I have gained 70 pounds due to my awful eating habits (if we were to enumerate my awful eating habits they would include going to Taco Bell late at night and ordering enough food to feed a stoner, buffets, pizza, cake, cookies, and generally eating two portions of everything). WAIT! WHAT DID I SEE UP THERE??? OH MY GOD! I HAVE GAINED SEVENTY POUNDS!!! THATS THE WEIGHT OF A CHILD!! I HAVE EATEN A SMALL CHILD!

Excuse me…okay…I’m breathing now…whew.



This is ridiculously embarassing.
Well, in the blog world you really can’t see me, which is fantastic…just picture a blob with legs, and a face that used to be smokin’ hot but now is covered under so many rolls of layers of gross that it just basically looks like a giant grapefruit…or don’t picture me at all and you won’t need therapy.

I could sit here and whine all day, but the truth is I have work to do to get this nasty blubber off me, so I will recuse myself from this pity party and return to the normal world…but not without a plan of action.

Plan of action:

This morning for breakfast I had an apple and will be enjoying some yogurt about 7:00 (Yeah, I know Dairy is the devil but we have to take baby steps here, do you think I sat down one day and gained seventy pounds? No! It involved a lifetime (or a year) of bad decision making).

This afternoon for lunch I have a green salad with balsamic dressing (delicious)

This evening for dinner the man is cooking (I wonder what he’ll cook) but I’m sure he’ll include lots of brown rice and veggies with his animal flesh that he is preparing for he and I and doesn’t even know about it.

I joined Weight Watchers two days ago and I’ll be spending thirty minutes on the elliptical at The Gym and thirty minutes doing strength training at The Gym, along with walks with the man and my mother in the evenings.

That’s my plan…whats yours? Join the rest of us here at McFatty Monday in dropping our weight, whether its from babies, broken hearts, or bad decisions one thing is for certain IT HAS TO COME OFF!



3 responses to “Oh, so this is what I look like now.

  1. I want to join this McFatty Monday club.

  2. You amuse me.
    I will be following your McFatty madness for sure.

  3. Good luck!

    We can do it!!!

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