The Second Job

This economy has most people making a lot of changes to the way they live and work. Many of these changes are forced, many are voluntary…many people like me refuse to change at all save for a few things:

1. I am now the grocery Nazi. I have taken over Grocery buying every other week at the homestead and you can bet your life that we (The man and I) will be clipping coupons like its our job, and going to the Cheap-O grocery store to save money. However, I still need fruits and vegetables for my weight loss quest, which means the family will just have to eat more fruits and vegetables and deal with it. I’m so tough on the ones I love.

2. I have taken a second job as a freelance writer (or I took a second job as a freelance writer). This job has been incredibly gratifying so far and I’ve slowly begun to realize that my life must somehow include English. Freelance writing is the best because it not only validates the fact that I am a writer, but people actually want to pay me to write things for them? Wow! I’m just happy as a clam! (This freelance writing also will lead to Project Home Office 2010, I know you’re excited to see The Man and Me construct a home office out of the corner of my bedroom.)

3. I no longer go to McDonalds in the morning for breakfast, as part of my weight loss endeavor and also as part of my “OH MY WORD YOU ARE BLEEDING MONEY! STOP IT RIGHT NOW LIZ!” initiative.

4. I do not even look in the windows of Prissy Antiques (not the store’s real name but it should be) in Nowhere. You see, when the Lord was handing down obsessions he gave some girls shoes, some girls clothes, and gave Liz books, funky furniture, and all things Fossil. None of these things are healthy for my bank account so I super need to avoid them (although I did get a fossil purse for five dollars the other day on clearance…)

So thats how I’m cutting back…I also find myself huddled under several more blankets at night with more clothes on so I can turn the thermostat down while I sleep. How are you cutting back, I’m really interested to know. I’ve always considered myself to be a thrifty person, but these times are trying for us all.

Well, since I’m on the clock here at the Nowhere News I’d better get on the ball and start knocking out my to-do list.

Have a great day everyone!



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