McFatty Monday, Round 3!

Today has many special meanings to a lot of people, it is special to me because its MCFATTY MONDAY!!

Last week was a week filled with working out, sweating, food poisoning, ramen relapses, and cheating and going to Dairy Queen with my mother when we should have been exercising. Oops. Basically, it was not my best week ever, but I did manage to get three workouts in (should be five) and I did manage to lose two pounds!


Nothing like seven, but two is good. I’ll take two.

I also signed up for a week trial on Weight Watchers Online. That stuff is amazing!! I played around with it for an hour last night and I can officially say I love it.

This brings us to the all important goals for next week:

I plan on exercising each day this work week, whether its thirty minutes of activity in the gym, a long walk, yoga, or a bike ride (the weather is perfect for it around where I live) I resolve not to let my large body hit the bed until I have done some form of exercise. My mother is dying to break in her new yoga mat and I’m dying to stretch out and feel great…win win situation, I think so.

Nutrition Goals
I need to eat the right foods, and I need to eat more of the right foods. I’ve planned out a week of meals (and only one of those meals includes starch) and I plan to stick to them. The man is taking me out to lunch today and that lunch will be a salad and I will attempt to make five healthy swaps each day. A healthy swap according to my plan looks like this:

baked potato with ranch and bacon bits — baked potato with 1 tsp. butter and 1tbsp sour cream.
oatmeal with peanut butter — oatmeal with granola.
chicken and dumplings — roast skinless chicken with green beans

These are not only lower in point value but also still taste great. I’m going to shoot for five. For tonight’s dinner instead of bbq pork chops I’ll be making pork steaks with an olive oil marinade to accomplish my ww healthy oil for the day.

Weight Loss Goal
I understand how important goal setting is to this process, so I’m setting a weight loss goal. I’d like to lose FOUR pounds this week and I think through my healthy swaps and exercise, as well as staying on plan with my weight watchers online I can see this happen.

Come on Fatties!! We still have a lot of work to do!!

side note: I brazenly publish my weight on the sidebar of my blog so that everyone can see how fat I am…not really. I do it to not only track my progress but also to remind me how far I’ve come…and that I never want to get back to 245 again. Whew.

Everyone have a great McFatty Monday and I’ll see you next week!!


One response to “McFatty Monday, Round 3!

  1. So…

    I kept wondering why you weren’t popping up on my blogroll and I was totally depressed about it, and then suddenly I remembered that you went to the light side, aka you went to wordpress so then I decided I needed to find you and I had no idea that you were doing Mcfatty Mondays too and I think its awesome that we’re doing this together without even realizing it and I also think its awesome that you post your weight and I so totally think I’m going to start doing that to on my blog and I really miss you and honestly, this has to be the longest sentence of all time but I think I’ll stop now.

    Miss you, love you!!

    Oh… P.S. How did you get into the Freelance stuff? I would LOVE to be able to contribute some to our very, very small income.

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