McFatty Monday Week Five

Oh my.

Its week five already and I realized I only have thirteen weeks until my wedding.

After I realized this I declared all out war on the fat that is sticking to my stomach, thighs, and butt (and my super jiggly arms that i like to keep hidden but refuse to buy a lacy thing to put over my already freaking gorgeous wedding dress.

Did I tell you I got my wedding dress?

Yes, I did. I can’t post it here because the man reads this but it is nice!!! Its not coming in until April which kind of worries me but then I remember that APRIL IS TWO MONTHS AWAY. GAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!

This is supposed to be about my fat, not my panicking.

Anyway…the fat front.

I’ve avoided the scale like the plague this week since I know I messed up this weekend. I had a cheat meal that turned in to a cheat weekend and I worked my rear end off last night to get rid of that. Mom and I exercised without stopping for 45 minutes, and thats as long as we’ve managed to go so far. I was pretty dang excited. I haven’t looked at the scale so far today, mostly because I was in an awful hurry this morning and two because I know I won’t really like what I see. My numbers aren’t reflecting my progress, which is a problem everyone else has, I know. I just get frustrated easily…thats why I’m up to 230 pounds on my five foot four frame.

On the exercise front I purchased and did 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels.



Misery, absolute misery.

But I’m doing it again tonight since I’m a glutton for punishment, and every day until March 2, which will be my thirty days. Expect me to be very sexy, but very whiny when this finishes. They promise that it will get better and by day 5 or so and I won’t be walking around screaming like a little child every time I move my legs.

I’m not being dramatic, it was that bad.

Whew. Awful…but I’m actually looking forward to it tonight. I know, I’m completely nuts.

Completely nuts about not being fat anymore that is.

My healthy goals for this week:
-Research a meal plan that Mom and I can follow and actually eat food. This means no Special K Challenge, no Slim Fast, and probably no Home Delivery meal systems. This will be the test of how well I actually understand nutrition.
-Exercise 5 times this week for 20 minutes or more.
-I’ve lost ten pounds, which puts me in the 230 range, officially not my highest weight ever, but I’ve been in this territory before for about two weeks…so I think its time to start hardcore training for Cto5k (thats Couch to 5K for those unfamiliar) since my race is in…TWELVE WEEKS! The program is nine weeks so that should be good.

For those of you who don’t know I’m running the Susan G. Komen for the Cure 5K in Charleston West Virginia on May 1. My mom and sister are walking the race and I’m running the race, which should be a lot of fun…if I can train enough, I may end up walking the race…which I still think would be a nice milestone, to go from being 245 to walking a 5k.

We’ll see what happens, I’m not going to make any wild speculation right now considering I only walked twenty minutes on the treadmill last night. However, I’m ready to start week one of C25K and the next time you see me I’ll be on week two!

Peace out Fatties.



One response to “McFatty Monday Week Five

  1. Oh. That scares the bejeebers out of me. I need to do the Shred as well. ugh.

    I own it. But I thought it was at the apartment, when in reality it was with me at Mom’s the whole time, and now I’m at the apartment but I was not, under any circumstances, doing it in front of Carl. There are things that should be hidden during marriage, and me exercising, sweating my guts out, and doing everything wrong, is one of them. You can quote me on that. Ha!

    Good luck! We can do this! We’re about even on weight now, so when you start kicking butt losing it, its going to make me look bad! Ha!

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