I’m not freelancing full time, but its my full time income.

…I get distracted easily.

Right now I’m supposed to be freelancing but I’m having trouble concentrating on that so I decided to move over to blogging. Quite a few bloggers are freelancers on the side because freelancing pays a little bit and its nice to use your writing talents for something isn’t it?

I freelance write and translate (mostly tech speak) through http://www.elance.com, I highly recommend it if you are a business professional and need some extra income or if you are just looking to get started as a freelance writer. I’ve enjoyed working through Elance and I have secured my first client and nearly completed my first job. I’m pretty darn excited to be doing this job too.

I quit the Nowhere News a week ago so I appreciate this extra income, even though it is very limited. I have a small home office set up in the corner of my bedroom and I am just plugging away at articles this morning. It feels so strange to be home by myself during the day, I feel like I’ll be quite productive. Pandora radio helps with this.

I went to the gym this morning, on my never-ending quest to not be fat. I had fallen off the wagon when I pushed my wedding back to August. It was nice to be in there this morning and I feel like I accomplished some work. My mom and I are going this evening so I’m excited about that. I’m also taking a trip tomorrow with Mom, Mary, and the K to a giant wedding outlet about an hour from here. I’m so excited for travels and excitement.

I realize I have said excited probably a million times in this article, but excitement is my life right now, waiting on a new job, a new lowered stress level and a wedding in a few months.

Well, back to freelancing or possibly some lunch, its been a long morning already.



One response to “I’m not freelancing full time, but its my full time income.

  1. I still haven’t got a job yet, but I have like 4 proposals in, and I refuse to bid on any others! I am working in Mom’s quilt shop though, which is good. I just wear the wee babe or she chills in her bouncy, and there’s always Mom and I to watch her!

    I did put in for commenting/grading papers for a professor. Haha! Dejavu!

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