Expect a barrage of posts for as long as I’m unemployed.

I feel really good today.

This doesn’t happen very often anymore but I feel great.

The lackluster weather forecast for the next few days doesn’t get me down, nerves about job searching can’t phase me, the fact that I’m home alone and there’s chocolate in the refrigerator calling my name (and its call will not be answered because I have already worked out today) will not do anything to harm my great mood.

Want to know why?

Because I went out with my Bestest Buddy Ever the K, my sister, and my mom yesterday and I bought stuff for the wedding (including the runner for the head table, and long strands of ribbon to go on the other tables, its going to look good once we get it all finished). We had fun girl times and I really needed that.

This morning I woke up and went out to the couch where The Man was sitting and we watched The Sopranos (quickly becoming our favorite show) and I fell asleep during the Sopranos, I made a light breakfast for us and then we decided it would be a good idea to go have lunch together. He took me through Subway because I’m trying to eat better and then took himself through Taco Bell and we drove out to one of our favorite places and ate and then drove out to Grayson Lake and took a walk around the frozen outside of the lake. It was really nice, it did not involve dinner reservations and it was just wonderful.

I’m looking forward to more fun times with the K and my sister tonight, we’re headed out for some Southwestern Food and then to see The Wolfman. I’m so excited for more girl time!

I’m going to go cross items off my to do list and get ready for this evening. I’ll see you all on McFatty Monday!


One response to “Expect a barrage of posts for as long as I’m unemployed.

  1. I love seeing your barrage of posts.

    You know what else I love (aside from you)? I and Love and You by The Avett Brothers.


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