Drumroll Please….

We have arrived at the moment you’ve all been waiting for….


At the end of part 2 I had come to the realization I could not support myself and live any kind of life with a part time retail job, it just wasn’t happening. So I started searching for jobs again.

You may recall during the winter months I posted about The Man and myself spending time in a city close to Nowhere, but far enough away to be counted as civilization.

You see, my favorite city in the world is Duluth, Minnesota. Its a nice size town close to where my grandparents live but far enough away to have things like shopping and restaurants, and buildings that weren’t constructed by Paul Bunyan. I would be happy to pick up and move to Duluth except for a couple of things that stand in my way.


And that’s in May. Whew is it ever cold there in the winter! Two feet of snow, the entire city is on a hill, the harbor sometimes freezes and people can walk out on frozen lake superior. Ugh! Awful.

Anyway, with that charming little aside I meant to make the point that I decided to relocate. Its not a secret, the man and I had been planning to relocate for a while and I had tried to relocate in February but it just didn’t work out. So when I began my job search anew I focused on a different city…

Lexington, KY.

I applied for several jobs and was granted several interviews. Some of them paid too little for me to consider (in these times we really have to think about things like that) but there was one that seemed like it would work out very well.

Basically, long story short I got an interview at a medical company here in Lexington that hires a lot of people (not a lot of them stay…which I really haven’t figured out because its a nice place…) and trains a lot of people, and pays well and has benefits and the opportunity for a lot of hours, and I can wear jeans and flip flops to work, and we have a water cooler with cold water and ice and most days I don’t go in until 11:00 so I can watch Hoda and Kathy Lee on TV and eat my breakfast that I cook.

Oh by the way…


That’s right…

I got a job in Lexington and I packed my sh*t up and moved!

In less than six months I have gone from not being able to leave the house I was so anxious around people to having the independence to pack up and move nearly a hundred miles away from my family and friends and everything I know.

I’ve had some bumps along the way, my poor car broke down on one of my trips down here and it cost a buttload of money to fix it… (but that’s what credit cards are for…WRONG! NO CREDIT CARDS. THEY ARE EVIL.) And it cost so much money to move down here that I lived on rotisserie chicken (one rotisserie chicken actually) cheese, bread, and ramen for the first two weeks I lived here, and it was hard to adjust to a new job, a new place to live, a new city, and a newfound level of poverty all at once. I had some rough times where I doubted my decision but I didn’t really doubt it that much.

So this past weekend I went home for my bridal shower (the man and I are getting married ONE MONTH from today) and I thought it would be ridiculously hard to leave and come back here alone but it wasn’t. This week has been a little hard because I’ve been staying late at work and haven’t gotten as much accomplished on the home front as I would have liked but everything is great.

Basically the moral of part 3 is sickness can only defeat you if you let it.

Its never too late to decide what you want to do in life.

and its never too late to pick yourself up and move on.

I still have a weight problem (but its slowly disappearing thanks to my starvation diet of moving with no money…), I still have symptoms of my illness, I still have sleepless nights, and I’m still slow to get to know and trust people. I’m not yet completely fixed but I’m getting there.

and I’ll continue to work on it until I get there.

This blog is about my life, my real life, and my life is about to get a lot more interesting. Follow me as I navigate marriage, a commitment to living the best life possible, and the further adventures of me living in a new city with new people and new experiences.

I guarantee you will not be bored.

So until next time, remember, real life is so much more interesting.



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