Looking back.

I started this blog three years (or so) ago…and I found myself looking back through old blogs and remembering how interesting life was and what a badass I really was.

The three things I talked about most when I started this blog were:

the Future

Shows were my passion and my life…and when I stopped working shows my life started to fall apart. Its as simple as that. Maybe I’m like a show shark…Sharks die if they stop moving…and I shrivel up into a husk of a person if I’m not working.

Running was my release and a way that I briefly captured a hot bod. If I found myself dealing with emotional issues or I just needed to get away I’d pound on the treadmill or go run outside. It wasn’t perfect but it worked.

The Future was a murky murky mess like pond water. I had a path that people thought I should follow and I had a path that I knew in my heart I wanted to follow, I just never thought I’d be able to convince everyone I needed to follow it.

and now….

Shows: I relocated as you all well know, and I’m living in a better place with more opportunities – and I’m WORKING THIS WEEKEND!!! SATURDAY AND SUNDAY.

Nope, not excited at all.

Running: my friend Jenn and I are running a 5k at the end of April, so I figured it might be good to start training sometime…We ran last weekend and unfortunately it snowed 2 inches here in town so it doesn’t look like we’ll be running this weekend, but I’m happy to have realized I can still do it.

The Future: Looks pretty good these days.

and now an update on 201 books in 2011 – I’m on book #4 for this year.

Until next time,


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