A Quick Update

I read a lot of blogs.

I probably have about 30 that I follow and read every day…and I get irritated when they don’t post. I’m sit and think to myself. Really? What do you have to do that’s so important that you can’t post?

And then I asked myself.

Here’s a quick update on what has happened since we last spoke:

•Our sweet Coal passed away, he died after a simple surgery and it was a complete and horrible shock to both of us.
•A little while later our family was joined by this fluffy ball of teeth and claws:

That’s our little Bandit, a red merle Australian Shepherd. Yep. We have a puppy in the house. That picture was from a couple weeks ago so you can safely assume he’s doubled in size since then. Bandit will be blog fodder for years, and he already makes an appearance on my facebook page in the Daily Bandit picture.
•I’ve been stage managing at our church (ponder that our church is large enough to require a stage manager)
•I’ve been powering through my 201 in 2011
•I’ve been enjoying life with BriantheBearded and our unruly beast, playing Words with Friends with the K, and texting about fashion and general observatons. The K and my sister are visiting next weekend and I’m so excited!
•All these things and the fact that Apple is coming out with a new Ipad next month…could life get any better?

On a more exciting note I seem to have actually made some progress in this weight loss thing. Jenn and I have been doing Zumba (don’t knock it, its awesome and burns hella calories). and I’ve re-opened my old friend the 30 Day Shred.

I did it for the first time Monday night, and continued on Tuesday even though it was painful, and I did it again last night…and that’s basically going to be my life until the 30 days are up. I started this thing and I intend to finish it. The main difference between the me of today and the wonderful me of three years ago is somewhere along the line I stopped finishing things.

I’ve also drastically cut calories and stopped eating crap. I’m eating around 1600 calories a day and tracking my progress with the Lose It! app for IPhone and IPod Touch. I find myself actually not being ravenously hungry most of the time because when I do fill up I fill up with good, healthy, natural food. Yeah, I eat Chinese food every now and then, and I eat pizza when we want it. I just work extra hard to make up for it.

I also find that not eating crap and exercising helps keep me feeling great emotionally as well. I have confidence, and I can feel my clothes starting to fit better…which is definitely a great thing.

So I’m using my newly developed confidence to start applying for new jobs. My job is fine, and its still secure for the most part…for now, but the job was basically a way to get me down to Lexington in the first place, it was never meant to be a career. So I really am getting the feeling that its time to move on.

And move on I will, as soon as I find another job. I am NOT making that mistake again.

So I’m headed off to work on this rainy Thursday morning. The Bandit is sleeping at my side as I finish typing this, and I think it would be a great idea to go get dressed so I have to say goodbye to all who read this.

Until next time,



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