A.M Exercise Will Not Kill You

Its true, and that is much easier to say once I’ve finished gasping for breath, showered, and had a lovely breakfast.

I decided at some time last night that I would NOT want to exercise tonight after I got home from a long hellacious week at work. I would want to cuddle with my husband and the dog and just chill out…and watch Fatal Attractions on the Animal Planet (you should really check that show out. Craaaaaayzzeeeee!!!!!)

So I got up with my husband and popped in the 30 Day Shred.

Funny story, the Bandit started barfing last night at about 7:00. He ate up the first vom (sorry,) but then after playing with us for about an hour he puked again. As a paranoid dog mom who just lost a little fuzz baby not too long ago my crazed brain started thinking ZOMG! PARVO!!!!! The dog is barfing so it must be a horrible disease.

So at about 10:00 we packed the dog in the car and were off to the emergency vet. Now, my husband works at 7:30 AM so he’s in bed at 10:00 at the LATEST on nights that he works the next morning. He wasn’t happy.

We ended up sitting at the emergency vet for about an hour and a half, Bandit got a Parvo test (negative) and a shot of Benadryl just in case he was having an allergic reaction.

So my getting up and working out was a show of support for my poor husband who had to get up and go to work so early.

…and I just got a text from my husband saying he was VTO-ed at 8:30 while I have to drag my a$$ all the way through my workday.

Ah, well.

The dog is fine by the way. He’s curled up on the couch next to me.

Anyway, the point of this is that exercise will not kill you no matter if you exercise in the morning, noon, or evening. I preferred exercising in the evening because I was actually awake for it and I dreaded having to exercise in the morning despite its benefits. I find that as I embrace this healthy lifestyle my body is changing and my mood is changing and I feel like a fantastically different person.

So I’ll probably get up and work out tomorrow morning since I have a shopping trip planned that will probably have me significantly worn out by the end of the day….

It’s all about making time for it guys.

and I’m the worst for that.

I could lie and say I’m doing this for the benefits, for longer life, for a healthier heart, decreased cancer risk.

I just want to be hot.

and I want my life back.

Until next time,



2 responses to “A.M Exercise Will Not Kill You

  1. I NEED to do this. I NEED to get up in the mornings and work my arse off.

    P.S. We’re going shopping Lexvegas tomorrow! We probably won’t venture too far out of Hamburg, but if you’re in the area, give me a ring!

  2. I just want to be hot too! SO HOT.


    I wanted to put that in capslock for the 8th grade xanga feel.

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