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This has been by far…

the strangest (most strange) week of my life.

I was working on a post for about an hour and then decided to scrap it.

because I’m just not ready to talk about it yet.


All Downhill From Here…

I always love it when a work week flies by.

My job is pretty mundane and its pretty boring (hence why I’m looking for another) so I have one choice – to live for the weekend.

This weekend is a 4 day weekend so that’s going to be even better.

However, I’ve been extremely grumpy so far this week. It started when Mary and the K pulled out of Lexington on Sunday and continued right up until well, when I woke up this morning. Monday was fine, but I was grumpy at work and grumpy when I came home. I was overly sarcastic and mean to Brian and almost choked out Bandit. Tuesday was a half day at work and then a HORRIBLE experience at the doctor. (Heed my warning. Don’t ever go to UK Women’s Care. You WILL choke someone out.) I won’t go in to the gory details but suffice to say…UGH!!!!!!

Anyway, I’m over it.

The two good things about Tuesday were I got up and did the 30 day Shred (Level 2!) and I went to Night of Worship at church which was Spectacuuulaaaaarr!!!! (That was said with Jazz hands by the way)

Wednesday was a slow day at work but filled with frustration wherein I said quite plainly to my co-workers throughout the day that I had zero tolerance for bullshit (which may become my motto) and I was a colossal grump when I came home.

I’m sure you’re wondering about the point of all this by now so here it is.

When I don’t exercise regularly I become an ass.

I’ve spent most of my life battling mood swings. Everyone knows this. Over the past two years I’ve struggled with my weight – well, struggled isn’t the right word. I have given in and let my weight attack me like a feral cat. Weight gain and eating horrible food has helped my weight loss struggle by making me fat.

I have never really been serious about exercise (except for running) and I feel like now that I’ve added exercise in to my routine that my mood and my general overall feeling has improved. I’m interested to see what happens when I finish the Shred and move on to a different routine.

So my in-laws are coming in Saturday and will be here until Tuesday so I’m not going to be exercising while they’re here. I’ll do the Shred on Saturday morning and then not again until Wednesday. Picking it up again after a vacation will be hard…but I’ve done it once already and I’ll do it again.

Well its almost time for me to take off and head to work and power through the last 16 hours of my workday.

Until next time…


This Weekend, Exercise, and Food Sin

I said I probably wouldn’t post this weekend…

and I was right.

This weekend was so much fun, the K and Mary arrived on Friday night and we went out for Indian food followed by an evening of goofing off and talking. Saturday morning we woke up and traveled to Le Matin French Cafe and Bakery and enjoyed Croissants and tea (and coffee).

We then decided to brave Lexington in monsoon season (this Saturday was sooooo rainy) and ended up spending too much money.

and having too much fun.

When they were here I didn’t worry about calories and definitely didn’t exercise other than laughing so hard my head hurt. I did Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred Friday morning before work and that was the last time I did it…until today.

I committed multiple food sins this weekend: drinking, breakfast at Cracker Barrel (Is ANYTHING healthy there?? Even their bran muffin and yogurt has 400 calories!), Indian Food, Chinese Food, and lots and lots of caffeine. I beat myself up all afternoon Sunday and all day Monday and finally as I was doing the Shred this morning (I went back down to level 1 because I didn’t feel like vomiting) I decided to get over it.

Food sin is not sin…Let me clarify by saying that if you fall off the wagon as far as eating and exercise.

Get back on.

I grumped all day yesterday and grumped all day today about how badly I ate this weekend and how I didn’t exercise and how I’ll never reach my weight loss goal because I suck…and then I realized this morning as I was feeling awful about having to get up and do my workout that this type of thinking is exactly what got me in this situation to begin with.

I’m not going to say that I embraced the power of positive thinking – but I realized that I need to stop beating myself up about everything. If I don’t get the grocery shopping done, big deal. I can’t do everything all the time. If I miss a workout? I just have to work harder in my next workout. If I go crazy and eat food that I’m not supposed to…I don’t need to sit around and cry about it because you know what.

Crying doesn’t burn that many calories.

Okay, stepping off my diet/exercise soapbox.

Here are some things happening this week:

My in-laws are coming in this weekend so I’m trying to fit in as many workouts as I possibly can (because I won’t be able to work out while they’re here)
I have Monday and Tuesday of next week off work which I’m really excited about.
The weather is slowly but surely warming up here
also…Thursday is payday. Always a plus.

Well the Biggest Loser is about to go off for this week, and the black team lost the weigh in – and I’m feeling like I need to go to bed. Getting up at 6 and hitting it hard will do that to you.

Until next time,


An Exciting Weekend Ahead…

When I moved to Lexington in July I left behind my house, my dog, my mom, and my friends. Unfortunately I’m not able to get back and visit as much as I’d like to, so because of that I miss a lot of time with friends.

Specifically my sister Mary and my best friend the K

I love spending time with them, and I love visits back to Nowhere, KY because we always have fun and we always get in to something. And this weekend they’re coming to visit me in Lexington!

I’m so excited for their visit because I have a lot of things in my adopted hometown to show them and I’m certain we’ll have a spectacular time.

Now there’s just that little matter of the end of the work week coming on so I can see them! So hurry up work week!!!!!

I don’t know how often I’ll post while they’re here so until next time…


This is…

my girl crush.

I’d really like for her to just kick my rear.

I know its not just me, I know that millions (well probably thousands of Americans) feel the same way. My husband has a non girl crush on her and there are people out there who are devoted to her dvd’s, her website, her books…she’s like Richard Simmons…except not all silly and bouncy.

I’ve been doing the 30 day shred..and I’ve actually done it more than once or twice this time. I haven’t done it every day like I planned but I’ve only skipped two workouts so far.

Last night I had planned to go to Zumba with my buddy Jenn and then do the Shred this morning so I could keep up with the workout schedule I made for myself. I have never made a workout schedule other than “I have to run every day or I’m going to explode” and I have certainly never stuck to a workout schedule…

So we didn’t end up going to Zumba last night so I decided to celebrate with chicken strips and fries (I hate you Zaxby’s…no, that’s a lie. I love you so much but you’re so bad for me…like all of my high school boyfriends).

Yeah, terrible decision.

I was beating myself up about it last night, and I was beating myself up about it this morning until I fired up the Shred tonight.

and I thought to myself. Wait? I’m beating myself up BECAUSE I MISSED A WORKOUT


I’m not beating myself up because I ate out a lot this weekend (BUT I WENT TO THE OLIVE GARDEN AND I ATE SALMON! SALMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and that’s not salmon pasta with alfredo sauce THAT IS GRILLED FISH!!!)

I’m not beating myself up because of the size of my pants

I’m beating myself up because I set a goal and I was in danger of giving up.

When I think back on my life for the past three years I have given up on so much.

I gave up on my career as a stagehand
I gave up on wanting to go to law school because I convinced myself I didn’t want to do it.
I gave up on weight watchers because Taco Bell tasted too good

I could go on and on.

but I’m not giving up anymore.

So I came home and did the Shred, and I didn’t eat everything in the house…and tomorrow morning I’m going to get up and do the Shred again…I made this workout schedule for myself and I’m going to keep it.

and my hope is that by this summer I’ll look in the mirror and the person I’ve been will be gone.

Until next time,