An Exciting Weekend Ahead…

When I moved to Lexington in July I left behind my house, my dog, my mom, and my friends. Unfortunately I’m not able to get back and visit as much as I’d like to, so because of that I miss a lot of time with friends.

Specifically my sister Mary and my best friend the K

I love spending time with them, and I love visits back to Nowhere, KY because we always have fun and we always get in to something. And this weekend they’re coming to visit me in Lexington!

I’m so excited for their visit because I have a lot of things in my adopted hometown to show them and I’m certain we’ll have a spectacular time.

Now there’s just that little matter of the end of the work week coming on so I can see them! So hurry up work week!!!!!

I don’t know how often I’ll post while they’re here so until next time…



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