This Weekend, Exercise, and Food Sin

I said I probably wouldn’t post this weekend…

and I was right.

This weekend was so much fun, the K and Mary arrived on Friday night and we went out for Indian food followed by an evening of goofing off and talking. Saturday morning we woke up and traveled to Le Matin French Cafe and Bakery and enjoyed Croissants and tea (and coffee).

We then decided to brave Lexington in monsoon season (this Saturday was sooooo rainy) and ended up spending too much money.

and having too much fun.

When they were here I didn’t worry about calories and definitely didn’t exercise other than laughing so hard my head hurt. I did Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred Friday morning before work and that was the last time I did it…until today.

I committed multiple food sins this weekend: drinking, breakfast at Cracker Barrel (Is ANYTHING healthy there?? Even their bran muffin and yogurt has 400 calories!), Indian Food, Chinese Food, and lots and lots of caffeine. I beat myself up all afternoon Sunday and all day Monday and finally as I was doing the Shred this morning (I went back down to level 1 because I didn’t feel like vomiting) I decided to get over it.

Food sin is not sin…Let me clarify by saying that if you fall off the wagon as far as eating and exercise.

Get back on.

I grumped all day yesterday and grumped all day today about how badly I ate this weekend and how I didn’t exercise and how I’ll never reach my weight loss goal because I suck…and then I realized this morning as I was feeling awful about having to get up and do my workout that this type of thinking is exactly what got me in this situation to begin with.

I’m not going to say that I embraced the power of positive thinking – but I realized that I need to stop beating myself up about everything. If I don’t get the grocery shopping done, big deal. I can’t do everything all the time. If I miss a workout? I just have to work harder in my next workout. If I go crazy and eat food that I’m not supposed to…I don’t need to sit around and cry about it because you know what.

Crying doesn’t burn that many calories.

Okay, stepping off my diet/exercise soapbox.

Here are some things happening this week:

My in-laws are coming in this weekend so I’m trying to fit in as many workouts as I possibly can (because I won’t be able to work out while they’re here)
I have Monday and Tuesday of next week off work which I’m really excited about.
The weather is slowly but surely warming up here
also…Thursday is payday. Always a plus.

Well the Biggest Loser is about to go off for this week, and the black team lost the weigh in – and I’m feeling like I need to go to bed. Getting up at 6 and hitting it hard will do that to you.

Until next time,



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