All Downhill From Here…

I always love it when a work week flies by.

My job is pretty mundane and its pretty boring (hence why I’m looking for another) so I have one choice – to live for the weekend.

This weekend is a 4 day weekend so that’s going to be even better.

However, I’ve been extremely grumpy so far this week. It started when Mary and the K pulled out of Lexington on Sunday and continued right up until well, when I woke up this morning. Monday was fine, but I was grumpy at work and grumpy when I came home. I was overly sarcastic and mean to Brian and almost choked out Bandit. Tuesday was a half day at work and then a HORRIBLE experience at the doctor. (Heed my warning. Don’t ever go to UK Women’s Care. You WILL choke someone out.) I won’t go in to the gory details but suffice to say…UGH!!!!!!

Anyway, I’m over it.

The two good things about Tuesday were I got up and did the 30 day Shred (Level 2!) and I went to Night of Worship at church which was Spectacuuulaaaaarr!!!! (That was said with Jazz hands by the way)

Wednesday was a slow day at work but filled with frustration wherein I said quite plainly to my co-workers throughout the day that I had zero tolerance for bullshit (which may become my motto) and I was a colossal grump when I came home.

I’m sure you’re wondering about the point of all this by now so here it is.

When I don’t exercise regularly I become an ass.

I’ve spent most of my life battling mood swings. Everyone knows this. Over the past two years I’ve struggled with my weight – well, struggled isn’t the right word. I have given in and let my weight attack me like a feral cat. Weight gain and eating horrible food has helped my weight loss struggle by making me fat.

I have never really been serious about exercise (except for running) and I feel like now that I’ve added exercise in to my routine that my mood and my general overall feeling has improved. I’m interested to see what happens when I finish the Shred and move on to a different routine.

So my in-laws are coming in Saturday and will be here until Tuesday so I’m not going to be exercising while they’re here. I’ll do the Shred on Saturday morning and then not again until Wednesday. Picking it up again after a vacation will be hard…but I’ve done it once already and I’ll do it again.

Well its almost time for me to take off and head to work and power through the last 16 hours of my workday.

Until next time…



One response to “All Downhill From Here…

  1. Central Baptist Women’s Health is amazing. Ask for Stacey or… I just drew a blank. It starts with an M and she’s a midwife. Love both of them. It’s SUCH a good office!

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