“Boys, now we get to see what a crackhead acts like.”

Those loving words were uttered the other day by my husband. After I discovered I was OUT (not low, OUT) of Sweet N’ Low.

Here’s a confession. I should have ditched Artificial Sweeteners when I went all Hallelujah Diet/Raw Food/Protein Powder crazy a couple years ago…but I didn’t. I said I did, but I didn’t. I’m going to be a lawyer guys, get used to it. (Actually I hate it when people say that about lawyers but that’s another post entirely.)

I don’t drink (often). I don’t smoke. Well, I had a porch beer and a cigarette the other night, but Friend Devin made me laugh so I dropped the cigarette…oops. I don’t drink soda/pop/coke depending on your location (I never have). I have been drinking unsweetened tea since childhood and I sweeten it with sweet n’ low…

That stuff.

As I mentioned before I neither smoke, nor drink except a porch beer every now and then, nor drink “fizzy drinks” as the British call them…My husband does all of these things yet calls me a crack head in front of our darling impressionable babies…who are at this point sitting under my desk eating post it notes.


Well, as I was typing this and looking for the picture I found some coupons for Sweet N’ Low.

I need to go pick some up before I get the shakes.

Carry on!


One response to ““Boys, now we get to see what a crackhead acts like.”

  1. When you describe your babies sitting under your desk eating post-it notes, the very first image that came to mind was us around 10. This sounds exactly like something we did. Jus sayin.

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