And now for something completely different…


“52 Weeks of Pinterest!”

I discovered Pinterest back in May when ShainaN sent me an invitation. I started browsing and like a week later had spent hours of my free time and pinned 300 items.

Its addictive like that.

I decided to jump on board with the 52 Weeks of Pinterest challenge after being a creeper and looking at other people’s photos. Since I’m a little behind and missed this week’s link up I think I’ll just post my project and do something else next week! Yeah! Motivation!

I saw a recipe on the mighty Pinterest a few weeks ago for what was labeled as the “easiest crock pot soup ever.” I’m trying to use the crock pot as part of the F Family Cook at Home Initiative, which is going quite well. I like all the ingredients, my husband likes all the ingredients. Green light!

In order to make this lovely concoction you need the following:

•Frozen Chicken Breasts (I got frozen ones. You could use fresh if you were so inclined, I was not).
•A can of Rotel (I did not know what that was until making this recipe. Sheltered.)
•Black Beans (though any beans will do)
•Can of corn. (I suppose you could use fresh corn off the cob if you want to go there…I will laugh if you comment and tell me you did. This is supposed to be easy people.)
•8 oz cream cheese

Start with the chicken, arrange it in the crock pot.

Then add the rest of the ingredients. It looks pretty when you get it all assembled.

Then you just turn on the crock pot and let it work its slow cooker magic for about 6-8 hours on low. I put this together at about 8:30 this morning and it looked like this when I got home at about 6:30

You can serve this over Rice, on a tortilla, as a tostada, the possibilities are endless.

How did we have it you ask?

…we ended up having things to do so we went out.

Oh well, I’ve heard its better the second day.

I’m not perfect.

Anyway, I tested it and it tastes awesome. The only thing I think I’d do differently is maybe add some spicy Velveeta instead of the cream cheese. However the ingredients I used reminded me that I purchased everything for this recipe from here:

But that’s a different post entirely…just a preview of coming attractions.

Anyone else have any recipes they’ve gotten off Pinterest? I’d be interested to hear…?

I also have some fantastic news that I’m going to share shortly. Stay tuned!


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