Frugality or Craziness?

On Tuesday our futon broke.

It was 11 years old, Brian got it when he was in junior high so it had a good long life. When our bedroom was infested with bed bugs last year we slept on it for a month…We actually lived in our living room for a month which is something I never care to repeat. The dogs slept and played on it and it was a great fit for our tiny apartment. 

Bye futon…you will be missed.

Actually only half of the futon is inoperable. The mattress is still in great condition and is resting in my living room floor at the moment. I listed it on Craigslist this morning and I’m waiting on someone to make us an offer.

After the couch broke we debated what to do. Furniture is expensive, I had no idea how expensive until we started looking. We decided we didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on something the dogs are going to climb all over. I’m notoriously clumsy too so there’s a good chance that it will have many things spilled on it. So we took a trip over to the Re-Store to look for a new couch.

The Re-Store is a store operated by Habitat for Humanity that exists to keep usable materials out of a landfill. It has everything from cabinets to toilets to furniture and dishes to lamps and TVs. Its a great to pick up gently used furniture. We went searching for a couch and ended up wit this beauty…

For $35.00

That’s our couch…and my chubby chubby legs.

Yep, its got worn spaces on the seats but at the moment I’m covering one of them, Bandit is covering another, and Harley is curled up in a ball on the other end of the couch covering the last one. Its got 2 recliners on either end…It doesn’t smell and its SUPER comfortable.

and did I mention we paid $35.00???


I’ve been the thrift store queen since high school. I used to be a skinny little thing so I bought most of my clothes at goodwill and the Salvation army while the K and I cruised around in my car and I’ve taken to searching for Fiesta dishes at our local thrift stores (and I’ve found many of them). Last month mom and I took a trip to Ohio and stopped at numerous thrift stores along the way…

and did I mention I got my sweet vintage kitchen table at goodwill for $11?

I love a good deal. I try to live frugally (and sometimes fail miserably) but I feel awesome about this couch…and all my thrift store finds. I’ll keep hunting through thrift stores my entire life…because I am frugal…and crazy.


3 responses to “Frugality or Craziness?

  1. Awwww yeeeaaah! I seriously dig it, it makes me imagine a human centipede situation, only with lazy-boys. I can’t wait to sleep all over that.

    Also, did you reference doing the married nasty in your last post? DID YOU? …you did.

  2. Its just like your vibrating couch from middle school…except no vibrations here. You’re welcome to come sleep all over it. That’s what the boys are doing now.

    And as soon as the couch broke Brian said “Yeah, we maybe shouldn’t have had sex on it…”

  3. HAHA. You what my strange and immediate (and maybe racist?) response was, “HA. Brian is so a Russian!”


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