Consider the following…

A list of things I am extremely good at (in no particular order)

• Determining errors and fixing errors in Medical Billing
• Cleaning and other housewife duties.
• Writing (its not arrogance, its the truth.)
• Explaining legal terminology and the legal process.
• Understanding legal terminology and the legal process.
• Public speaking.
• Family
• Finding good things in thrift stores.
• Finding bargains
• Reading
• Chatting, and interacting with people.
• Repairing clothes
• Decorating
• All types of stage craft
• Problem Solving

A list of things I am not good at

• Driving.
• Dog Rearing
• Dishes
• Standardized Tests
• Arriving at work on time
• Weight loss
• Makeup
• Drinking
• Baking

The things that I am good at…are really the only things that matter.

I’m not being arrogant or saying I don’t need to work on anything…because here’s a list of things I need to work on. Or a list of works in progress shall we say.

• My Marriage
• Grief
• Finances
• My Independence
• My messy bedroom

What I am saying is…the list of things I am good at is longer than the list of things at which I am not good…because a future law student does not end sentences with a preposition. Also what I’m saying is there’s no need to focus on the things we’re not good at and beat ourselves up for what we think are our failings.

So I’m not good at driving, standardized tests, or makeup (among other things) I’ve decided to stop caring. Even though tomorrow I will put on makeup, get in the car and drive myself to a standardized test the outcome of that test will not determine my happiness.

That test will however set in motion the rest of my life. I will go from being Liz F: Stagehand, Medical Biller, Wife of Brian F. Daughter of Paul R (may he rest in peace) and Cathy R. sister to Mary R. BFF to the K, Dog Mommy to Bandit and Harley F, kickass daughter in law to the F’s, friend, confidante, citizen of Lexington Kentucky to being Liz F: Law student…and eventually Liz F, esq. Attorney at Law

I have stressed myself out about this test. I have cried because my score was low on the practice tests, I have prayed to God to give me the strength to take this test. I have thought about not going, I have done all kinds of crazy things.

But I’m not doing any of those things. Tomorrow I will drive to UK, park, and sit in a building for several hours to take the LSAT. I will apply to law schools and I know I will get accepted to at least one.

And I will be a law student.

But Liz, I though you didn’t want to be a lawyer? I thought you wanted to travel the world as a stagehand and own a sound company and do magical things for other people with your piles of money from owning a sound company?

I have known since the age of 8 that I wanted to be a lawyer. It is all I wanted to do, anything else was a lie.

I did not choose the law. The law chose me. God chose me.

God chose me when he made me stand up for the bullied kids on the playground, when he made me shout at people (to this day) for making fun of the disabled. When he introduced me to people like Kathy Felty and Gerald Reams and Boyd County Teen Court. When he allowed my path to cross that of Civil Rights lawyer and founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center Morris Dees, who told me I was an excellent public speaker. God chose me when he instilled in my heart a hatred for injustice and the inability to remain neutral in an argument. God chose me when he created in me the need to be the advocate of those who cannot advocate for themselves.

Say what you want about lawyers being the devil and unfair and unjust and screwing people for money. I will remind you that God makes lawyers and God chose me to be a lawyer. God chose me to be a moral, upstanding, compassionate, and just lawyer.

So if this test that I am sitting down and taking tomorrow doesn’t go well I’m not going to cry about it or think I’m any less of a person or that I’m no longer good at the things on that list up there. Because I will remember that God has a plan for me. I will trust Him to guide me along in fulfilling this plan. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to try tomorrow…oh no, I plan on tearing that test up…but I will remain confident of the outcome.

Because I have already been chosen.


One response to “Consider the following…

  1. After this I am changing your nickname to Liz IronLegalPad. YOU ROCK THAT TEST, LIZ. YOU ROCK IT UNTIL IT CAN FEEL THE NOIZ. I AM MAKING NO SENSE.


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