2011 is over.

Can I get an Amen?

Geez. Worst year ever.

I mean aside from the obvious…I buried my father, lost a good dog, lost a few friends (notice the dog ranks higher than the friends. suckers!) and endured various other hardships less important than those I spent most of 2011 in a job that made me hate myself until I found my current job

and to top it all off I stepped on the scale this morning to found out I gained 10 pounds.

F you 2011!!!! I for one will not miss you.

I also woke up with a pretty intense cold yesterday (I blame my boss) I feel like its 2011 saying F you too Liz!

So I start 2012 with a few hefty goals. Here they are:

• I will lose 70 pounds. Ponder that I have come to a place in my life wherein I have 70 (and probably more) pounds to lose. I would like to ideally lose this weight by Brian’s cousins fancy New York wedding in July. That’s a hefty goal. 70 pounds in 7 months. A lesser person would say it was unattainable. It’s not. When I break it down its 2.5 pounds a week and 10 pounds a month. Surely my lard ass can accomplish that. It will take hard work. It will involve going from being basically sedentary to exercising daily, if not multiple times a day. It will involve clean eating (I’m going back to raw foods). It will take discipline…and I have not been a very disciplined person lately, its time for that to change.

• I will apply to law school. And be accepted. I added “and become a lawyer” to that…but it won’t happen in 2012. Its okay, its nice to have long term goals.

• I will research and implement more methods of frugal, sustainable living. We’ve lived beyond our means for too long. Its time to change that.

• I will dedicate more of my time to volunteer work.

• I will finish my novel. Yes, the novel I lost when we changed computers. All 200+ pages of it… I’m about 15 pages back in to it, and I need to finish it before law school eats my life. Also I tend to not eat while writing (anyone else do that?) so that helps with goal #1

• I will devote more time to working on my marriage. Its a work in progress.

• I will work hard with my dogs to make them good citizens. I would like for them to be therapy dogs in the future, its a little dream of mine. They’re a little wild right now but they’re so sweet and loving that I think they’d make good therapy dogs. That’s another long term goal. For 2012 I’d like to be able to take them to the farmer’s market without Mommy’s arms being torn out of their sockets.

• I will decorate and make my new house a loving place. (We’re moving at the end of January) Its a 2BR so I have a spare room for everyone to come and crash. But only one bathroom so we may have to make a schedule.

• I will chill out on collecting dishes and work to become a legit antique dealer. I love antiques (history major) and the number of Fiesta dishes (both vintage and current) that I have is a little embarrassing. Never mind most of these have been picked up at thrift stores. You know what. Forget this goal. I like dishes and I will continue to get them…but I will also become a legit antique dealer, you know, as a hobby.

• I will attend church more often and grow in my faith. Perhaps even a Sunday School class. This is something my husband and I both need to work on.

I think that’s it. As I read through this list I am slightly intimidated by what I’ve put down on paper — or in blog. But you know what…I’m a strong person. I don’t give myself enough credit for how tough I actually am. Its time to change all that.

Anyone have any goals they want to share?


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