I have been a wife for almost 17 months now.

Before I was a wife, back when I was a girlfriend and later a fiancee I was terrified of the transition. I was terrified I would be awful at being a wife, that my husband and his family, and my family would grow to resent me because I would burn dinner and ruin laundry and while doing these things dust would settle on some things in my house.

I worry too much.

I pretty much enjoy everything about being a wife. My favorite part, I’ll be honest (other than things we shouldn’t discuss here) has to be cooking.

Really, I have always enjoyed cooking. When my sister and I grew tall enough to reach the stove we learned we either needed to cook or risk salmonella by eating raw meat. I’m not saying my mom wasn’t there enough, or that she couldn’t cook she was just a really busy lady and we wanted to help her out.

I started off small with things like eggs (isn’t that the first thing everyone learns to cook?) and could make a great Brinner by the age of 12. I moved on to spaghetti, and various casseroles until I hit my early signature dish: Lemon pepper chicken. This was a delicious mixture of chicken thighs with crispy skin coated in oil and lemon juice with a dusting of paprika and basil. It was freaking delicious. I still make it today. I haven’t made it in a while, maybe I need to get on that. There’s a whole chicken sitting in my freezer.

As time went on my recipes got better and better. I learned to cook things that family members liked: Sunshine Eggs (Yankees call them Eggs in a Basket) for my grandfather, chicken salad for my dad, Corn Sticks also for my dad (corn bread but in stick form), Skillet Vegetables (also for my dad) Chili (I spoiled my dad with food. Looking back I’m glad I did) Southwestern Chicken (for my sister) Chicken Stew (who doesn’t love that) Salmon Patties (for my mom).

None of it was gourmet but it was delicious.

When I met Brian he came from a family of people who actually followed recipes. He brought cookbooks in to our marriage and we decided that we really loved cooking and cooking for each other. With the advent of sites like All Recipes and Pinterest I’ve tried out more new recipes in the last little bit than in my entire life. And I’m loving it.

My favorite thing in the world is when a friend comes to my house and mentions they’re hungry. I tend to seek out people to feed and I make enough food to feed an army. This is probably why I’m also working on weight loss. My dad visited my house in November of 2010 and the first thing he did was crack open the refrigerator and ask what delicious things I’d been cooking. It made, and still makes me feel awesome. And then he made himself a turkey sandwich. Weirdo.

I love to cook. Lately I love to cook healthy, whole foods. And when we move at the end of this month I’ll be moving to a big kitchen with plenty of space for new creations. I’m excited to see what I come up with.

Come eat with me friends.


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