I woke up happy this morning…

Last night I dreamed I was back in Courtroom 2 in the Cattletsburg courthouse.

I don’t want to be a trial lawyer.

I definitely don’t want to practice in Cattletsburg.

But I was in the courtroom.

And I woke up so happy.

I’m going to be a lawyer.


Frugality or Craziness?

On Tuesday our futon broke.

It was 11 years old, Brian got it when he was in junior high so it had a good long life. When our bedroom was infested with bed bugs last year we slept on it for a month…We actually lived in our living room for a month which is something I never care to repeat. The dogs slept and played on it and it was a great fit for our tiny apartment. 

Bye futon…you will be missed.

Actually only half of the futon is inoperable. The mattress is still in great condition and is resting in my living room floor at the moment. I listed it on Craigslist this morning and I’m waiting on someone to make us an offer.

After the couch broke we debated what to do. Furniture is expensive, I had no idea how expensive until we started looking. We decided we didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on something the dogs are going to climb all over. I’m notoriously clumsy too so there’s a good chance that it will have many things spilled on it. So we took a trip over to the Re-Store to look for a new couch.

The Re-Store is a store operated by Habitat for Humanity that exists to keep usable materials out of a landfill. It has everything from cabinets to toilets to furniture and dishes to lamps and TVs. Its a great to pick up gently used furniture. We went searching for a couch and ended up wit this beauty…

For $35.00

That’s our couch…and my chubby chubby legs.

Yep, its got worn spaces on the seats but at the moment I’m covering one of them, Bandit is covering another, and Harley is curled up in a ball on the other end of the couch covering the last one. Its got 2 recliners on either end…It doesn’t smell and its SUPER comfortable.

and did I mention we paid $35.00???


I’ve been the thrift store queen since high school. I used to be a skinny little thing so I bought most of my clothes at goodwill and the Salvation army while the K and I cruised around in my car and I’ve taken to searching for Fiesta dishes at our local thrift stores (and I’ve found many of them). Last month mom and I took a trip to Ohio and stopped at numerous thrift stores along the way…

and did I mention I got my sweet vintage kitchen table at goodwill for $11?

I love a good deal. I try to live frugally (and sometimes fail miserably) but I feel awesome about this couch…and all my thrift store finds. I’ll keep hunting through thrift stores my entire life…because I am frugal…and crazy.

Let me tell you for a second how proud I am of my husband…(and myself)

So yesterday my husband and I had our first day off together in a while.

(Look at that sexy man…)

We spent the morning kind of goofing off around the house and at about 2:00 he let me know he wanted to go somewhere for lunch.

I’m generally okay with this but I said. “I’d like to go someplace healthy.”

I didn’t really think much about this. I just said it. I haven’t really been thinking too much lately about healthy living as opposed to beating myself up about my failure to live a healthy life every day that I was doing up until recently. Something changed in my mindset and suddenly I was concerned about making healthy choices.

I worked a show. With the Local 346 in Lexington.

Out of the blue I get called for a show. Its supposed to be simple, just an in and an out (with a full day off in between these two things). I happily accepted and went on my merry way and continued doing billing things until my phone rang an hour later and they asked if I would do wardrobe for the five shows in addition to the in and out.

I nearly wet myself I was so excited.

So I worked these shows and what I noticed most about it is I was annoyed with myself. I couldn’t drop to the deck quickly to pick up something and pick myself back up. I couldn’t run up and down stairs (on shows you RUN) and I found myself needing to take breaks and sit down more often than I used to. I could chalk this up to the fact I hadn’t worked a show in a year but I know the real reason. That 70 pounds I had gained since the time in my life I used to work regularly…they sort of slow me down.

So I survived the show and my body retaliated against me by slapping me with a hideous cold because I had been so abusive to it by going to Michigan and then coming home and working a show.

I’m better now, thanks for asking. The past few days have been spent in a cold medicine/Greys Anatomy re-run induced coma. Oh Alex and Izzie, why couldn’t you stay married forever! Oh PTSD Owen, why do I love you so much when I know I shouldn’t….

Maybe the meds havent’ worn off yet.

Anyway…back to yesterday. We went to Qdoba where I ordered the following off their craft 2 menu.

Naked Taco Salad with Grilled Veggies, Pico, Lime Cilantro Dressing, Cheese (Qdoba Calorie Counter on their website estimates this at 240 Calories)
Tortilla Soup with Chicken, Cheese and Pico. (285)

So this was not excellent…but it was pretty good. Wait a second…I ordered Grilled Vegetables to top my salad in place of meat. I KICK ASS!


So we carried on with our day after lunch which included going to evening church and going to a friend’s house to watch The Walking Dead. After the Walking Dead we took our friend Devin home and realized we were hungry. Lexington has an ABUNDANCE of fast food places so we could have chosen to eat fast food now and regret it later.

but we didn’t!

We went home and fixed food. He had soup and I had hummus, crackers, and string cheese. We stuck to our diets and finished our day under our calorie goals!!!!!

I couldn’t tell you how happy I was! We really convinced ourselves we can do this full time. We can make these choices and have a better life because of it.

Then we had spontaneous marital relations on the couch and went to bed. NO!! YOU DIDN’T NEED TO KNOW THAT!!!

Sorry…It was a good day.

Now to get myself back in to non-show related exercise and do more LSAT studying. I take the test December 3.

Until next time,


On A Beautiful Autumn Day…

Monday was a cold day in Michigan…

So we put on our sweaters…

And took a trip to to a grist mill

My father-in-law was more than happy to walk our boys while we bought homemade donuts and fresh apple cider.

Bandit says “Hi Mom!”

A family feast!

So good…

And so beautiful…

I love my husband, my in-laws, my dogs…and autumn.

Until next time,


We took a family hike this weekend.

Just the four of us. My Mom, my sister, myself, and my dad’s ashes.

I woke up Saturday morning with the feeling that we needed to do something with the ashes which had been sitting in the house since July. We couldn’t decide whether or not to put them in an urn with a headstone in the cemetery at Bible College, or scatter them somewhere. I went to talk to my sister who had been thinking the same thing. My mom agreed, it was time for some closure.

We drove out to the lake, where he taught us to swim and where we relaxed on many summer days together. We had a boat on this lake and whenever we could wring him away from work for a few hours we’d rush out with our cooler, our suits and our sunscreen and have a wonderful time as a family.

This would be Dad’s last trip to the lake, we’d go as four but three would walk back. We started this journey as a family with four players, but we’ll finish it as three.

We parked on a long forgotten boat launch and walked a few yards in to the woods. Mom carried the box they sent us dad’s ashes in. Fog was still rolling off the lake and we stood for a minute admiring its quiet beauty. We all decided in unison that this was the place, and we took a breath and scattered his ashes.

It was beautiful to watch, we smiled as he was returned to nature, finally at peace and resting in a place he loved so much.

We didn’t cry, we just stood there for a few minutes and watched as the water moved in the slow breeze. The lake was moving, the water was forging a path to a different place and so we were also. We were moving on from what had been, to what is now. With a sense of accomplishment that we had accomplished one more step on this uncomfortable journey we have to take together we walked up the boat ramp to the car…

and went to Tudors for a good breakfast.

all in Memory of Dad.


This is my sweet Harley dog.

He loves his brother Bandit.

He loves to chill and cuddle with his people.

He loves to run around at the park.

And he’s a snappy dresser.


He’s adopted.

We met him during a trip to the Humane Society in March and when we went back in May we took him home with us. He’s been Bandit’s big brother ever since.

October is Adopt a Dog month. And I hope if anyone decides to adopt a dog they’ll love him half as much as we love our Happy Harley.

Last night…

Last night I tweeted this:

@LizDoesRealLife Liz
I’m infuriated and I’m about ten seconds away from telling the Internet all about it.

I did that for two reasons.

1. I was kind of making fun of people who over share and whine to the internet when something goes wrong in their lives.


Brian and I are conducting an experiment at the moment to see if we can manage our daily schedules with one car. We know we can, we’re just trying to prove to ourselves how easy it will be to sell my car and put the money in savings. Yesterday I got up with him and took him to work (we left at 6:30. Vomit) and I went on to work myself. I picked him up at 6:00 when he got off work and then we went out to the gym he’s going to. He went to class and I sat in the car knitting, more on that later.

We got home about 9:00 after running through a drive thru for some dinner and Brian was the first one to the door. We found a folded up piece of paper in between the doorknob and the frame.

This piece of paper was a notice we’re in default on our rent and we have 7 days to pay up or get evicted.

Brian immediately came in and called the answering service who told us we’d have to speak to someone tomorrow morning about our problem. Yeah, because we were totally getting excellent sleep tonight after this. He was angry, I was beyond angry and ready to throw all our sh*t in a truck and get out of this place.

The funny thing is we’re TOTALLY current on our rent. We’ve only been late on one payment EVER and that was because I was getting ready to walk a check over to the office when I got the call that my dad had passed away and who cares about rent in a situation like that. We paid rent with a money order since they don’t take cash and take FOREVER to take checks out of our account AND the office WROTE US A RECEIPT.



So I put on my “beautiful firm nature” that the K tells me I have and slapped on my lawyer face this morning. I walked over to the office (after calling my boss to tell her I’d be late) and straightened out this matter. They told me it was a mistake (YES! IT WAS INDEED!) and not to worry about the paper and we will not be evicted.

All I can say is we had better not be. Hell hath no fury like lawyer Liz (seriously, ask the K or my husband.) Just wait until I’m licensed to practice. This place won’t know what hit them.

The lessons we can take from this:

If you move to Lexington don’t live in my apartment complex. Brian and I were tempted to break our lease earlier this year for other shady behavior but once we save up for a deposit on another place we are OUT OF HERE…

Pay rent. On time. Keep your receipts.

Wait a minute…that’s what we did.

Refer to lesson 1 children.

*peruses rental property listings.*