Monthly Archives: August 2010

I’m Married!

Yep. I’m married!

Wow, I’m really not ready to write about this yet. I really feel like it needs to sink in a little bit before I try to write it all on my blog.

Suffice to say for the moment, I am married and I am deliriously happy about it. Right now I’m sitting in my living room in Lexington with The Man watching a movie.

Life is good.


This week’s wedding nightmares

Wedding Nightmare 1- My mom, sister, K, and I completely forgot about our hair appointments for the wedding. We blew off my hairdresser (would never happen, I love her) and I ended up stuck on the Interstate with Ducky and Dinozzo from NCIS who were talking about their actions during the Third Reich in Germany. Ducky also had a weiner dog dressed up like Hitler.

Then I thankfully woke up.

Wedding Nightmare 2- We were out shopping for last minute wedding things and checked our watches and saw it was 3:30. I then decided to break in to TJ Maxx to call the man from the phone there. I was in full on panic in the dream when I heard my Iphone ringing. I woke up out of a dead sleep to answer my phone and sheepishly asked the man if he was mad I missed the wedding.

…its too bad he’s used to my shenanigans or that would be really funny.

I’ll continue to share my nightmares here…because my wedding is two weeks from tomorrow.